Learn to effectively create and maintain BRAVE SPACES in your classroom to foster mutual understanding and respect for one another as well as the ability to address current issues that we face as a society.


As educators, we play a crucial role in society – we are daily facilitators of conversations that address and impact societal norms. We share precious opportunities to promote social justice through facilitating courageous conversations, regardless of the grade level or content area we teach. This course discusses principles, guidelines, expectations, and practices that can be embedded and implemented in our core instruction and in our daily interactions with our students to navigate the nuances of our own and our students’ complex identities, as well as societal challenges including oppression, privilege, bias and agency.


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Spring 2024 Important Dates and Information

  • January 29, 2024 – ASPDP registration opens
  • February 12, 2024 – First day of Quikitech semester coursework
  • April 15, 2024 – ASPDP registration closes
  • May 24, 2024 – Last day of Quikitech semester coursework


Credits and Registration Instructions

  • (NYC) 30 CTLE hours towards NYS Professional Development requirements.
  • (NYC) 2 P/A+ Credits towards BA+30, BA+60, and MA+30 salary differentials.

    Complete both steps to earn P/A+ Credits and CTLE hours:

    • Step 1: Register with ASPDP when available. You can do this by logging into ASPDP at http://schools.nyc.gov/teachers/aspdp/, searching for Quikitech in the course catalog to select your choice of courses, and paying the ASPDP registration fee for the courses.
    • Step 2: Register with Quikitech. You can do this by going to https://quikitech.com/ adding to cart the matching courses you will be taking with ASPDP, and paying the Education Partner fee for the courses. Your account will be automatically created for you upon checkout. If you purchased a bundle, allow for 24 hours for your course selections to be processed.

Please check with your school district or local authority on whether the kind of credit this course provides can be used towards meeting your professional development, salary differential, or credential renewal needs.

For questions and group rates, email support@quikitech.com.