Who we are:

Quikitech is a website for you. If you are interested in obtaining a solid foundation in the business information worker skill sets that employers are looking for, then this site is for you. We teach computer applications that enable individuals to become useful to companies starting from Day 1. What makes us different from other online training websites is our conviction that the best learning comes when there is a live teacher involved in your learning. Therefore, for every class you take with us, we will assign a teacher to you. To see how a live teacher can make an impact on a students’ life, watch the video to the left.

Contact Information:

Email for inquiries or support: [email protected]

What we do

Our mission is to empower individuals with a way to find their passion in life, advance their career and share their ideas. Increasingly, this is being done by those who have a good grasp on how to use the internet and the key applications that are useful in helping you craft, format, and deliver your ideas.

  • Anyone who has an interest in laying a good foundation in key technologies.
  • job seekers
  • junior high through college students
  • Non-Standard English language learners
  • special needs students
  • gifted students

Why we do it

We do it because we at Quikitech have a vested interest in the future health and well-being of the nations across the world. We also have a concern that the opportunity gap be closed among people of different backgrounds. Many have recognized that education levels the playing field among people on this earth. We believe this statement. We further believe that technology education- in particular – enables every individual on this earth to effectively use computers and the internet to obtain a top quality education since through the internet individuals can research any topic of concern.

How we do it

We provide simple-to-understand technology instruction for individuals by putting ourselves in your shoes, guiding you step by step through videos, online lessons, and easy-to-understand curriculum (soon to be translated into different languages).

We also provide personal tutoring for those who would like to learn specific technologies or teaching methods.

Our motto is: “No question is a dumb question”.

Our Team

Donny Wise
Donny WiseFounder and CEO
Donny has been an educator for 20 years, in addition to working for UCLA, Hughes Space and Communication, Monster.com, IDC, and RAND Corporation. He received a B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Washington and a M.S. in electrical engineering from UCLA. His experience in curriculum development, technology training and professional development training has enabled him to build a pipeline of instructional education material from kindergarten through college. He founded QuikiTech based on the conviction that the promise, hope, and future of society rests on the shoulders of our children. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Ruth and two children who are currently in the Los Angeles public school system.
Ruth Wise
Ruth WiseCurriculum Development Specialist
Ruth has been an educator for 15 years. She has a B.A. in Linguistics and English from UCLA, and currently teaches in the Los Angeles Unified School District. She specializes in English, Math, English Language development, Linguistical models, and the development of critical thinking skills in the classroom. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband Donny and their two children.
Israel Hsu
Israel HsuResearch Consultant
Israel is an expert on computer technology and computer industry trends. He has a Ph.D. in computer science from UCLA, where he was a Teaching Associate instructing undergraduate students. While at UCLA, he worked with the School of Engineering’s Center for Excellence in Engineering and Diversity to teach and mentor underrepresented minority students through their first year of college. At QuikiTech, he is involved with research of technology use in education and curriculum development. He and his wife live in Los Angeles and have two children who attend a Los Angeles public school.
Josiah Vinson
Josiah VinsonDirector of Technology
Josiah has a B.A. in English and a computer science minor from Stanford University. He’s been an educator for 8 years, reaching a diverse group of students at the high school and university levels. He is involved with technology development, course content, and learning feedback. Josiah is married and lives in Seattle.