How To Advance Your Salary or Renew Your Credential With Quikitech

[fusion_accordion class=”” id=””][fusion_toggle title=”Choose a course” open=”yes”]We make it easy for you! Choose your state, then click on one of the available courses. The course will be automatically added to your shopping cart. Most of our courses provide Brandman University graduate credit, and we work with a variety of school districts, including New York City and Massachusetts schools, to provide professional development credit. Be sure to check the product pages by clicking on the button that says “Details” for which courses provide which kind of points. Contact us at any time for more information.[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Purchase your course” open=”no”]After you select your courses, click on the shopping cart icon at the top right of the page. Then click “Proceed to Checkout”, enter your purchase information, and select a password for your Quikitech account. Your username will be your email address. If you decide that you want to purchase additional courses, simply return to the home page and click another course where it says “Add to Cart”.[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Take your course” open=”no”]After you have purchased your course, click on “My Account” at the top right of the page and then “My Classes”. You will be directed to a login page where you can enter your username (your email address) and password that you previously set upon checkout. Once logged in, you will be able to view your courses. To start a course, click on the course name and start by reading the General Course Information page carefully.

You can start your courses at any time after purchase. You have up to 6 months, from the date you purchase the course, to complete the course (unless you are taking one of our semester courses for a specific district, in which case there will be verbiage on the product page of the course regarding your districts timelines).

If you get stuck at any point, email us at[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”Receive your credit” open=”no”]At the end of each course, you will be asked to confirm your email address, name, district/school information by filling out a form. Wait for about two weeks for us to finalize the grading of your course. We’ll handle any necessary paperwork with your school district if you’d like to receive professional development credit in a timely way. That’s all there is to it![/fusion_toggle][/fusion_accordion]