1 Graduate-Level Continuing Education Unit, Brandman University

Course Instructor and Author: Donny Wise has been an educator for 20 years, in addition to working for UCLA, Hughes Space and Communication, Monster.com, IDC, and RAND Corporation. He is known for providing very clear, methodological approaches to technology instruction and application, while being inspiring, as well. He is passionate about closing the opportunity and achievement gaps for students by empowering and equipping teachers with relevant, practical, research-based pedagogy and tools.

Course Objective & Learning Goals: During this course you will pick up the concepts and skills of building an effective presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. Emphasis will be placed on developing a solid message with compelling evidence, as well as putting together a clear and also attention-grabbing set of slides with which to present your information. Teaching students to come alive in their learning and in their participation in the teaching and learning process in the classroom through creating powerful presentations will also be addressed.

  • Lesson 1: Introduction – Presenting Ideas through Slides Participants will examine the role of slides in increasing the effectiveness of instruction/presentation. Presentations by Guy Kawasaki and Al Gore will be analyzed as models of the role of PowerPoint in conveying information and ideas. Keys to effective presentations are discussed.
  • Lesson 2: Creating a Basic Presentation Educators learn to the steps to create an original PowerPoint presentation, delivering information clearly and succinctly while evoking a call to action.
  • Lesson 3: Build your Story Educators learn to use the Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbon to add pictures, graphics and slide transitions to a PowerPoint presentation. After completing this unit, educators will: construct a storyline or outline from which to develop slides; use the Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbon to add pictures, graphics and slide transitions that support and don’t detract from the overall message of their presentation.
  • Lesson 4: Create Advanced Presentations Educators learn how to create advanced presentations and how to teach these skills to varied student populations. After completing this unit, educators will be able to: use the master slide feature which automatically puts standard template elements like logo, date, author, time, on every slide; add photos to a presentation; utilize 4 strategies to address English Language Learners, Standard English Learners, cultural diversity, and gifted students.
  • Lesson 5: Use Animations Educators learn how to add animations to slides to hold people’s attention and create more effective, interesting presentations, for their own instructional purposes as well as to teach their students how to do the same.
  • Lesson 6: Write Your Own Lesson Plan Educators create plans to incorporate PowerPoint into their classroom instruction and practice
  • Lesson 7: Project-Based Learning Participants will conduct a project and learn to create high-quality projects for their students utilizing the information and learning from this course.