1 Graduate-Level Continuing Education Unit, Brandman University

Course Instructor and Author: Donny Wise has been an educator for 20 years, in addition to working for UCLA, Hughes Space and Communication, Monster.com, IDC, and RAND Corporation. He is known for providing very clear, methodological approaches to technology instruction and application, while being inspiring, as well. He is passionate about closing the opportunity and achievement gaps for students by empowering and equipping teachers with relevant, practical, research-based pedagogy and tools.

Course Objective & Learning Goals: Learn a methodical way to help your students obtain a new way of thinking that helps them succeed in life and in the classroom – even in the face of setbacks! This course will change the way you view the world and equip you to help your students become thriving achievers. Depression, pessimism, and having a fixed mindset are all barriers to learning and this class will help you guide your student out of a pessimistic mindset and into the mindset of an achiever. Building on the work of Dr. Seligman (University of Pennsylvania) and Dr. Dweck (Stanford), this class is a must for any teacher looking for a research-backed method for improving student performance.

Lesson Outline:

  • Lesson 1: The devastating effects of pessimism and the fixed mindset on student learning and achievement
  • Lesson 2: Immunizing our students against negative self-perceptions by decatastrophizing and challenging internal negative monologues
  • Lesson 3: Helping students develop an action plan for improvement by setting a goal
  • Lesson 4: Describing how the brain works to students and helping them recognized the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset
  • Lesson 5: Equipping students with a growth mindset and a plan of action
  • Lesson 6: The peril of praising students for who they are, rather than for the effort they put in
  • Lesson 7: Project & Survey