Converse with a Spanish speaker and other students learning Spanish. Practice vocabulary, dialogue, and idiom. Our new company fills a huge need in today’s learning market. Many times, students have already learned a little bit of a language. But what they are now having trouble with is learning how to speak that language in a relaxed and conversational way. They want to keep their Spanish fresh and learn how to converse comfortably, but they don’t want to keep taking grammar classes. The owners of this company tried to find all kinds of ways to become fluent in Spanish. They tried hiring a tutor to come to their house, they tried talking to Uber(c) drivers who spoke Spanish, they tried going to downtown Los Angeles and finding small Spanish shops where people were speaking, they tried going to restaurants with Spanish speaking waiters and waitresses – but they couldn’t find a simple place where they could talk to a native Spanish speaker for a full hour or two in a comfortable setting. Welcome to MyLingoCafe. We decided to build out a Cafe environment with fluent Spanish speakers so people all around Los Angeles County can come and practice their Spanish in an informal setting – but with someone who can speak Spanish fluently. You can choose the day and the time you want to come to our Cafe, and then all you have to do is show up and we will hand you a drink of coffee or tea (if you want one) and sit you at a table with one or more Spanish speakers. You can stay one hour or two hours depending on how many hours you purchased. You can even buy 20 hours worth of courses and keep coming again and again. Below are the steps to purchase an hour(s) of Spanish conversation.

Step 1: Click Add to Cart. You can click the “+” sign to add more hours if you want to come multiple┬átimes or stay 2 hours in one sitting.

Step 2: Click on the little shopping cart at the top right of the page.

Step 3: Pay with your credit card.

Step 4: We will send you a friendly email and ask you what days and times you are available. We will also let you know of groups of students already coming to converse with one another just in case you want to come on one of those days. If you want a Spanish teacher all to yourself, we can provide that for you also.

All courses at will be held at:


522 S. Sepulveda
Suite 104 & 105
Los Angeles, CA, 90049

Email if you have any questions.