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  • NYC | 21st Century K-12 Technology Staircase

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This course provides educators a foundational methodology and conceptual model for introducing technology into the classroom.

This course addresses technology literacy as a staircase of complexity that is embedded in the CCSS as well as being involved in college and career readiness. It begins with an overview of the “technology staircase”, then guides participants through teaching students to master each step, or “stair” of that staircase, from keyboarding to summarizing learning for delivering powerful presentations. It analyzes Bloom’s Technology Taxonomy as well as the SAMR model popularized by Dr. Ruben Puentedura. The course covers digital citizenship and safe practices that should be explicitly taught to students to ensure ethical practices and to prevent cyber crimes. It requires creation of a lesson plan that focuses on effectively integrating technology usage with core content instruction. The course culminates with a practice of all of the steps of the staircase: Summarizing the course using every step of the “Technology Staircase”.

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  • (NYC) 3 P Credits towards BA+30, BA+60, and MA+30 salary differentials.

    ASPDP Catalog Code: P187-0111.1S18

    To earn P credits, follow these two steps:

    Step 1: Register with ASPDP. You can do this by logging into ASPDP at http://schools.nyc.gov/teachers/aspdp/, searching for Quikitech in the course catalog to select your choice of courses, and paying the ASPDP fee for the courses.
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    Important Spring 2018 Semester Dates:
    ASPDP registration begins 1/9/18
    Coursework opens on 2/5/18
    ASPDP registration ends 4/2/18
    Coursework ends on 6/8/18

  • (NYC) 36 hours towards NYS CTLE Professional Development.
  • (All Educators) 3 graduate-level PDUs.

    Transcripts in sealed envelope provided by Brandman University. University processing fee not included: $90 per credit.
    Course number: EDKU 9103

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Please check with your school district or local authority on whether the kind of credit this course provides can be used towards meeting your professional development, salary differential, or credential renewal needs.

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