Effective Use of iPads in the Classroom to Enhance Student Cognitive Thinking Skills (NYC) | 3 P-Credits

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  • NYC | iPads in the Classroom (P-12)


Learn how to use the iPad for increased student learning and engagement.

In this class, you will be led from the basics of how to turn on an iPad, all the way to how to use it to do math problems, help English Language Learners, and utilize key apps that enhance learning.

    This course provides the following types of credit:

  • (NYC) 3 P-Credits.

    ASPDP Catalog Code: 187-0070.1M17

    To earn P-credits, follow these two steps:

    Step 1: Register with ASPDP. You can do this by logging into ASPDP at http://schools.nyc.gov/teachers/aspdp/, searching for Quikitech in the course catalog to select your choice of courses, and paying the ASPDP fee for the courses.

    Step 2: Register with Quikitech. You can do this by adding to cart the matching courses you will be taking with ASPDP, and paying the Education Partner fee for the courses. Your account will be automatically created for you upon checkout.

    Important Summer 2017 Semester Dates:
    ASPDP registration begins 5/30/17
    Coursework opens on 7/5/17
    ASPDP registration ends 7/28/17
    Coursework ends on 8/18/17

For the non-NYC version of this course, click here.

Please check with your school district or local authority on whether the kind of credit this course provides can be used towards meeting your professional development, salary differential, or credential renewal needs.

For questions, email support@quikitech.com.


“I learned so much in this course; I have been implementing as much as I can so far, such as using the iPads for graphing in math class.”

“Right now our school is taking on the initiative to survey students using technology and it’s thanks to this class.”

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