Bringing Out the Best in All Students through Inclusion, Respect, and Strategic Grouping | [2] NYC P Credits

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  • NYC | Bringing Out the Best in All Students through Inclusion, Respect, and Strategic Grouping

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This course introduces principles and practices (as well as their research basis) that promote a school and classroom atmosphere conducive to learning, including maximized inclusion, mutual respect, and strategic grouping.

Participants learn, plan for, and practice research-based methods to increase student engagement, motivation, and development of life-skills for future readiness, in addition to improving students’ academic performance.

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Upcoming Spring 2019 Semester Dates

ASPDP registration opens January 14th and closes April 29th.
Coursework starts February 4th and ends June 7th.

Credits and Registration Instructions

  • (NYC) 24 CTLE hours towards NYS Professional Development requirements.
  • (NYC) 2 P-Credits towards BA+30, BA+60, and MA+30 salary differentials.

    ASPDP catalog code: TBA
    Course enrollment limit: 200 seats

    Complete both steps to earn P-Credits and/or CTLE hours:

    • Step 1: Register with ASPDP when available. You can do this by logging into ASPDP at, searching for Quikitech in the course catalog to select your choice of courses, and paying the ASPDP registration fee for the courses.
    • Step 2: Register with Quikitech. You can do this by going to adding to cart the matching courses you will be taking with ASPDP, and paying the Education Partner fee for the courses. Your account will be automatically created for you upon checkout. If you purchased a bundle, allow for 24 hours for your course selections to be processed.

Please check with your school district or local authority on whether the kind of credit this course provides can be used towards meeting your professional development, salary differential, or credential renewal needs.

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