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  • NYC | Quikitech Course Bundle

$500.00 $300.00

Purchase a Course Bundle worth up to 6 P Credits for the Spring 2018 Semester! 

    Course Bundle includes:

  • Lowest price per P Credit option available!*
  • Guaranteed spots in courses for the Spring 2018 semester. (Course selections are made on January 9th after purchasing the bundle.)
  • Earn P Credits** upon successful completion of all courses.

Choose from these 10 courses:

2 P Credits
+ Bringing Out the Best in All Students through Inclusion, Respect, and Strategic Grouping
+ Equipping Students with the Mindset of an Achiever
+ Microsoft PowerPoint for Enriching Instruction & Enhancing Students’ 21st Century Skills (P-12)

3 P Credits 
+ 21st Century K-12 Technology Staircase
+ Integrating Music in Classroom Management and Instruction
+ iPads in the Classroom (P-12)
+ Promoting Academic Achievement Among African American and Latino American Boys and Girls through Research Based Strategies
+ Project-Based Learning: Connecting Classrooms to the Real World!
+ The Social Brain: Relationships, Stress, and Optimal Learning
+ Supporting Mastery of ENL Standards with Technology Usage

Course bundles do not include the ASPDP registration fees for each course. ASPDP spring registration opens on January 9th. Search for the Quikitech course on the ASPDP Course Catalog for more information when the catalog becomes available.

For questions, email support@quikitech.com.

*Bundle prices based on earning the maximum credits, but guarantees the lowest per credit price option. 

**Total number of P credits earned depends upon participant’s choice of 2 to 3 P credit courses and number of courses taken.

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