Microsoft Single Exam Code


This purchase is good for an Exam voucher which you can use to take the test at any authorized testing center.

The Microsoft Certiport Exam is good for the following products:
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word Expert Exams
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel Expert Exams
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Access
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft SharePoint
Adobe products
Learning about the Personal Computer Test

The code is good for 12 months and can be used at any testing center. The code also allows you to retake the exam for free once. If you take the test at Quikitech’s center(s), this code also includes the proctor fee which testing centers charge for individuals.

The code allows you to take the exam at any testing center in America that supports Certiport testing. Certiport is the official testing company used by Microsoft. You can see the Certiport button for
all Microsoft tests such as this location: Click Here for an Example



Purchase a Microsoft/Certiport Exam Code for certification. Includes retake exam.


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